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Mental Health terms explained. FREE Information Evening.

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6pm: Intro and Info

This info evening plans to be informative for you and a light-hearted look at therapy sessions and questions you have about therapy and life coaching.

There will be a component about the different types of therapies that people confuse, such as definitions of psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist. What are these therapists trained in? Who deals with psychosis, what is it and who can prescribe drugs and why can they? Who deals with neurosis and phobias and what are these in the big picture? When is hypnotherapy appropriate and can it fix everything we want? Is counselling only for relationship problems or other matters? What is a Social Worker?

After this chat there will be time for your questions to be addressed.

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7pm: Youth Mental Health

There will be a short address explaining the local initiatives for mental health alternatives for youth in this regional area. Options, shortfalls and positive gateways will be discussed. Any questions answered.

This segment should finish about 7.30pm.

Questions Answered

What is mental health and what is mental illness, what is therapy, is there a difference between coaching and therapy, which therapy works best for who, what is psycho-this and neuro-that, what is mindfulness?

– Confused

With so many people advertising different mental health therapies, it’s time to unravel what is what. Local mental health professional, Peter Richard-Herbert, will answer the big questions.

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We are passionate about appropriate mental health for those in need. By explaining what different types of therapy mean, we hope to empower people to understand what kind of therapy will suit them and where to find it. Come ask your questions about Mental Health on 11th June at 6pm in Bowral.

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As a registered clinical therapist for over 30 years in Australia and having logged over 50,000 actual consultation hours with his clients over those years Peter Richard-Herbert is able to assess and recommend best treatment for mental health issues that may arise for you.

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Info Night

This evening is for you and any queries you have about mental health in this area. What is the difference between a life coach, psychotherapist, psychologist and a psychiatrist. Untangle the mystery. Work out what is best for you and your family today.

It is a casual informative talk.
All welcome.

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