Life Coaching in the Southern Highlands
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Do you need emotional guidance after a relationship breakdown, divorce, financial issues or job loss?

Maybe you don’t know which way to turn to get back on track.
A Life Coaching approach could ‘Re-Set’ your life.

Highlands Counselling & Therapy, in Bowral, can help you. We provide a range of approaches to assist you, including life coaching, hypnotherapy, psycho-education and counselling.

Areas where we help to make positive change for you:

• Maximising your potential in your work and personal life
• Working to resolve family and partner relationship troubles
• Overcoming anxiety and depression stemming from past issues
• Eliminating stress caused by inappropriate thinking or learned family beliefs
• Teaching body language, communication and listening skills
• Assessing any situation that is holding you back in your work or relationships

Life Coaching

Re-Set You

We provide various established therapy modes for life change goals and emotional guidance.

Change is coming

Big Picture

Learn how to live the life you always pictured for yourself but could not find until now.

Your life plan is possible!

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The sky is the limit.

Achieve big things by 're-setting' your life at Highlands Counselling & Therapy. Whether it's counselling or life coaching we can help.

Change Magic

After implementing our Life Change methods you can take an optional make-over consultation that will update your look to match your fresh new outlook.

Your Settings

Our Life Coaching Re-set program will identify your old values and skills that no longer work for you and give you new ones that will work for your future.

Refresh Now

Get an assessment of what is wrong in your life. In a Life Coaching session we will look at the current ‘part of you’ that makes us do what we do and how it ‘runs’ you.


Group coaching sessions available in communication and listening skills, body language recognition and usage, family and relationship counselling.

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