Life Coaching in the Southern Highlands
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Dr Peter Richard-Herbert

Services Provided

• A Coaching approach to re-setting your life by providing a plan of action to follow.
• Relationship Counselling and general self-development.
• Teenage and Youth Issues: Skills training to deal with HSC nerves, social phobia, anxiety and bullying.
• Remediation of repressed subconscious symptoms. This will reduce long term anxiety states and PTSD problems.
• Training for performance based issues. Including work, sports motivation or personal performance problems.
• Alleviation of chronic depression states, future planning and referral advice.

Online Zoom Consultations available to anywhere in the world.

The Life Coach

Dr Peter Richard-Herbert from Highlands Counselling and Therapy is an experienced therapist and life coach based in the Southern Highlands.
He has had years of success with people wanting more from their lives.

By taking an interactive and emotionally intuitive approach, Dr Richard-Herbert looks at how you ‘think’ and what influences cause problems in your life today. An emotional intelligence profile is created together with a life coaching program. The aim is to ‘re-set’ your direction and implement recovery and functionality for you in your chosen areas.

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